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How to Play Bingo

Bingo is a game of chance where randomly drawn numbers are matched against numbers printed on a card or on a card that is on a computer. It is one of the easiest games to play. It takes about a minute to learn and provides a lifetime of fun! The Bingo game you are playing refers to a specific “pattern” you are working to cover. For example: “X” bingo refers to blacking out all squares in a diagonal “x” pattern from corner to corner.

The first person to have a card where the drawn numbers form a specific pattern win the game and calls out “bingo”. In most halls, players can either play the game on paper or on computers. Each bingo player receives a bingo card marked with a grid containing a unique set of numbers. In some countries there are also some blank spaces. The caller randomly selects a numbered ball from a container and announces the number to the players. If they find that number on their card, players mark the card. Players will come more skilled at the game and search the card for the called number in the time before the next number is called. Players on a computer that has numerous cards will simply type the number in the computer and it automatically finds the correct number on the computerized cards.

Below is a quick 10 step approach on how to play bingo.

Step 1 – Get a bingo card from the host.
Step 2 – Cover the “free space” in the center of your card
Step 3 – Listen as the host calls out each letter and number, such as “B-3”.
Step 4 – Find “B” column.
Step 5 – Look to see if you have a “3” in the “B” column.
Step 6 – Place a marker over the “B-3” if you have it.
Step 7 – Listen and repeat as the caller announces additional balls.
Step 8 – Yell out “BINGO” as soon as you cover the numbers in the winning pattern!
Step 9 – Call out the numbers you have marked in your winning pattern when the host asks you to.
Step 10 – Collect your prize from the host after the numbers have been verified..

How to Play Bingo ONLINE

The best part of online bingo is that it is easy, convenient and one can win huge prize money, not possible in an offline game.

To play online bingo one must first register on an online bingo gaming site. The site then gives the player a random card. Players can play up to fifty cards at a time if they so desire. Computer software is preprogrammed to callout numbers between one and seventy-five. Players have to compare these numbers with those printed on their cards. Instead of using an ink dauber, players “click” their mouse on the corresponding number.

Although the numbers previously called are shown on a display, it is still important to pay close attention to the numbers as they are called. If someone claims BINGO the gaming site checks their pattern and compares it with the numbers called. If the pattern is correct, he is the winner. If more than one person gets the winning pattern, they share the prize.

Some Internet sites distribute cards to players in such a way that everybody has a fair chance of winning. Other sites place a restriction on the number of cards that a player can have. No two cards are the same since the creation process for each card is random. Every bingo card is a grid of five rows and five columns. The central space is blank and every row or column may have some number printed on it.

Players may be tempted to play several cards at a time to maximize their chances of winning. However, this can be confusing and one can lose track of the numbers called. Ultimately, one can end up frustrated with no winnings what so ever. Therefore, it is advisable to play with three or four cards at a time.

Another good way to increase one's chances of winning is by selecting a gaming site with fewer players during early mornings and afternoons. It is best to avoid weekends when there is heavy rush. Lastly, one must fix a limit on the amount that one will play on a particular day. Once this is crossed, one must stop play. Otherwise, one can end up losing a lot of money.



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Online bingo enjoys several advantages over offline bingo halls. One can play at any time and from anywhere in the world. This is a blessing for die-hard bingo players who are short of time to visit an offline gaming room. One can also leave play in a particular gaming room and play on another site, without wasting time and losing money.

However, online bingo is not a lonely game. All the sites have good software for fast play. They have the best audiovisual effects that simulate a real life bingo hall. One can even make friends online and chat with them while the game is in progress.

Thus, online bingo is easy, and can fit into one's busy schedule. The games are fast -paced and one has better chances of winning huge jackpots. All these factors make online bingo a pleasurable experience.

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